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Meet the Team

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Robyn Dolby PhD

Dr Robyn Dolby is a psychologist and co-founder of Secure Beginnings. She has worked in the field of Infant Mental Health for forty years.

Her interest is in the emotional communications of infants and children and how these communications are understood by parents and educators. She introduces educators in early childhood settings to the way being still gives them room to really see themselves and the children and to be curious about what is happening in the moment.

Robyn makes films and uses the visual images to support authentic observation and reflective practice. She has been the clinical co-ordinator of research projects in preschool and long daycare settings (infants’ room) since 2000.

Robyn has written the booklets, “The Circle of Security: Roadmap to Building Supportive Relationships”; “About Bullying”; “Promoting Positive Behaviour”; and “Secure Transitions: Supporting Children to Feel Secure, Confident and Included”, published by Early Childhood Australia.

Belinda Freizer


Belinda Friezer PhD

Belinda Friezer is a psychologist and art therapist who has recently completed a PhD in infant peer group development in early childhood settings.

The moment to moment actions that occur between infants are the building blocks that can later lead to friendships. Understanding how young infants interact and develop socially in peer groups is the focus of Belinda’s work. By combining video with reflective practice, Belinda provides a space for educators to think about how best to support the relationships that occur between the infants in their care.

As each infant action and infant response is illuminated on video, educators begin to open up to the world of the infant and see how significant their role is in the process of infant social and emotional development. As one of the co-founders of Secure Beginnings, Belinda provides consultation and training to the Early Childhood sector.

Eilish Hughes

Psycho-dynamic Therapist

Eilish Hughes

Eilish Hughes is a psycho-dynamic therapist who offers professional development for educators through video-based consultation at an individual or group level.

What is unique to Eilish’s practice is that she has spent many years observing from within early childhood settings, sitting alongside early childhood educators to understand the unique perspective and challenges they can experience in their roles.

Eilish’s particular area of interest has grown from these observations as she appreciates how vital it is to offer an allocated space for early childhood educators to be still and engage in reflexive professional development. These sessions offer each educator a space for being attentive to the lived experience of the infants and children in their care and to any of their own feelings associated with working in such a complex and emotional environment.

Eilish has witnessed the transformative outcomes having this space can provide for the educators themselves and for the children and families in their care. Eilish has a Masters Degree in Art Psychotherapy and is a co-founder of the practice Secure Beginnings which provides relationship-based training, consultation and supervision for early childhood educators, organisations and families.

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